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Smoke Cloak

Intruder alarms, CCTV and other crime prevention systems are excellent for deterring burglaries, however Security “Smoke Cloak” or “Security Fog” is THE cutting edge technology when it comes to prevention of theft from your property.

If you have items of great value, whether their value is monetary or sentimental our Security Fog installation is a excellent way of stopping the burglar in his tracks. In the event of a genuine break in, within a matter of seconds, the Smoke Cloak fills the protected area with an impenetrable cloud of smoke that prevents the loss of property, this confuses the intruder and forces them out of the premises until the response team arrives. The fog created is completely harmless and mess free, the protected area typically takes just a matter of minutes to completely clear once ventilated.

Commercial Smoke Cloak Installations

Warehouse and jewellery stores are the largest users of Security Fog and Smoke Cloaks in the UK. Robberies in jewellery stores are firmly stopped when a cloud of security fog fills the area. Our engineers design the system to allow an escape route for a few seconds, thieves are panicked and flee the area immediately.

Warehouse stock is protected during a break in and burglars are unable to take valuables because if you can’t see the stock then you cannot steal it. The burglars will get confused and panicked, especially at night, as a torch will actually hinder the intruder.

Domestic Smoke Cloak Installations

Security Smoke Cloaks are not just used in commercial properties. Domestic Smoke CloakSecurity Fog can be installed in your own home. We pride ourselves on our installation skills and devices fitted in your home and ensure they are hidden and extremely discreet.

Installations in garages are popular and a great prevention to theft. The Security Fog will stop that precious vehicle being stolen.

Family heirlooms, jewellery and expensive art can be protected in seconds. So speak to us about how a Smoke Cloak could benefit you and your home.

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