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Fire Extinguishers

BS5306 the British standard for servicing and maintaining fire fighting equipment states that a competent person is required to carry out the servicing and maintenance of fire extinguishers.

We can provide this essential service and will help you save money as replacing parts such as: O-ring seals; stored pressure valves; discharge pull tags; safety pins and head and end caps are inclusive during the service visit.

Our trained surveyors and engineers can provide knowledge and information on what type of fire extinguisher to install in which area, depending on the fire risks and the environment to be protected. We can provide advice and training on how to use the different types of firefighting equipment and which device works best on which type of fire.


What are the different fire extinguisher types

  1. Foam Fire ExtinguisherFire Extinguisher Signs
  2. Carbon Dioxide (Co2)
  3. Dry Powder (ABC Rated)
  4. Water (H2O)
  5. Dry Water Mist

The introduction of smaller wet chemical fire extinguishers, means households are starting to use these in domestic kitchens as the larger wet chemical extinguishers were designed for environments such as professional kitchens.

Our installed equipment such as fire blankets, foam extinguishers, CO2 carbon dioxide extinguishers, H2O water extinguishers, and dry powder extinguishers can all be Kite marked to BS EN3 standard. This means far less maintenance and no additional discharge tests will be required for the life of the extinguisher. This has revolutionised the fire fighting service industry and will save our clients hundreds of pounds in servicing costs during the life of the extinguisher.

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