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Thermal Imaging

Despite common belief, not all electrical faults can be identified with the naked eye. Some require more than just our eye sight and this is where thermal imaging can be used. Thermal Inspection Instruments, such as thermal imagery cameras, can identify where there are issues with your electrical equipment. If you take the safety of your employees seriously, and want to ensure that your electrics are working normally, then you need to get in contact so that we can perform a thorough inspection. You never know when it could save a life.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal inspection, is the process of looking to identify any present issues with your electrical equipment, through thermal cameras, which would otherwise be invisible to us. Without the aid of thermal imagery cameras, many electrical faults would go unnoticed, and could potentially cause issues in the future where you have equipment that does not work or is unsafe to use. In this case, the thermal cameras will pick up strange amounts of heat being produced by the equipment, and we will be able to appropriately locate and remove the threats where present.

How is Thermal Imaging carried out?

Thermal ImagingIn order to carry out these tests, we install thermal imagery cameras around the vicinity, and leave them to monitor your various electrical equipment. This means that we can keep a record of all of your electrical equipment, to ensure that we can address any issues that do crop up. A great aspect of these tests, is that they do not require a short/extended power outage, and your employees can continue to work whilst we carry out the assessments.

What we offer

We offer only the highest quality of thermal inspection services, and make a point to ensure that we deal with any issues that we find. Our checks are done by trained professionals, and using some of the highest quality thermal cameras on the market. We do not cut corners with our services, as we appreciate that the safety of your workers is dependent on how thorough we are with our testing.

If you want to put the safety of your workers in the hands of people who have years of experience in the field of electrical testing, then we are the perfect people for the job. Do not settle for a less than satisfactory service, when you can have electrical tests done by people who are not only professionals, but have your best interests at heart.

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