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Fixed Installation Testing

If you are considering moving into a new office space, or if you have concerns regarding your current office space, then it may be worthwhile having the area checked for any safety issues. One of the most vital checks that you should have done on a regular basis is a fixed installation test. Fixed Installation Testing can include escalators, elevators, ring mains, fuse boxes and meters. Unlike some of the other appliances that can be maintained and inspected through simple examination, this requires the knowledge of a professional who has sufficient expertise to do the job to industry standards. Otherwise, you are potentially risking someone getting seriously injured or killed because of a failure to complete the proper maintenance.

What is Fixed Installation Testing?

Fixed Installation Testing (Fixed Wire Testing, Periodic Inspection, Hard Wire Testing or Electrical Installation Condition Report) is the process of having every single electrical service and system that is capable of conducting electricity inspected, and tested for any signs of being dysfunctional. This includes all aspects of a distribution system, from the main power supply point, to wiring accessories such as wall sockets and light fittings, to everything in between. With most of this being highly dangerous to work with, it is highly recommend that you leave this kind of work exclusively to specialists, who have enough experience in the field to know exactly what they’re doing.

With regards to the legal side of fixed installation testing, whilst it is not a legal requirement to have regular fixed installation testing, it does mean that your company will adequately comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations of 1989, The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations of 1999.

How often should Fixed Installation Testing be carried out?

Since electrical appliances can become defunct at any time, we highlyFixed Installation Testing recommend that you make a habit of having your electrics checked every once in a while. The IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers) recommends the following dates for when you should consider a fixed installation testing service.

  • Domestic:  Every 10 years
  • Commercial:  Every 5 years
  • Industrial:  Every 3 years

What we offer

As a company that understands just how important these tests are to the safety of your employees, and to the stability of your company, we take great pride in ensuring that we provide the highest quality fixed installation testing compliance services in the UK.

If you have not had a fixed installation test recently, or you are unsure of whether or not you should be looking to have one completed, make sure to get in contact as soon as possible.

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