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Electrical Testing

The Importance of Electrical Testing

As directed by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) the law requires electrical equipment to be maintained to prevent danger. The type and frequency of user checks, inspections and electrical testing needed will depend on the equipment, the environment in which it is used and the results of previous checks.

Ensuring your electrical testing is conducted by qualified individuals is of paramount importance to ensure the testing is conducted correctly, safely and with the most relevant and up to date equipment.

With NTS you can rest assured that our team can deliver an excellent electrical testing service, that can fit around your schedule and will be conducted with the minimum of fuss.

Portable Appliance Testing

A PAT testing service designed to service your entire workplace on a schedule to suit you. Our engineers will conduct a thorough examination of all electrical appliances on your premises to ensure you are fully compliant with all current legislation, and that your staff and visitors are kept as safe as possible.

Fixed Installation Testing

Fixed wire testing is an important part of a company’s obligatory maintenance and testing of its buildings wiring and circuitry. It involves the inspection of all of the building’s hard wiring along with any systems that conduct electricity.

Thermal Imaging

Our Inspections are carried out using portable equipment, detecting dangerous situations not visible to the naked eye. Thermal imaging cameras can help you save money. And even more importantly, thermal imaging cameras can help to save lives. Thermal imaging is being used in industrial environments for finding hot-spots that can lead to failures in electrical and mechanical installations. Electrical cabinets and motor control centres are regularly scanned with a thermal imaging camera. By detecting anomalies at an early stage production breakdowns can be avoided and money can be saved.

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